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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Subject: Endotapping
Hi Richard,

So, what can you tell me about Endotapping? Have you worked with your horses with this method?

I have a client that just bought a Friesian that is totally shut down to the whip and spur. Just thinking of ways to get him out of this defensive armor...I had not heard of it before.


Well first I would take the spurs off since they don't work. Then I would look at the 9 minute YouTube video for free on 'What is Endotapping' which is very pleasant but doesn't tell you how. Then I would get an Endostick (42" length) along with the 2DVD set available at www.XenophonPress.com . The horse learns first to Relax, then to Activate, in the beginning the horse may Resist or Ignore. These are normal in the process. The tapping is done on acupuncture meridian points that have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. I have a 6 year old that wouldn't go, every time you did a downward transition to walk, he would just coil and then either rear or go nowhere or go sideways into a nearby object. I started the Endotapping from the ground (you know I am extremely skeptical of all gadgets! and extra equipment) The tapping actually releases endorphins, so it has the opposite effect of the whip, which causes a sting and pain. I tap from behind by reaching back to make sure he will go forward, then right by my calf to teach him the tapping calf aid, on the shoulder if he bullies or charges through the shoulder etc. The horse is now staying in the arena (with no walls) and cheerfully going forward. I learned about it from J.P. Giacomini who used to be in Pebble Beach in the 1980s and ended up teaching our friend M.W. who moved there. I was actually looking for a translator when I called J.P. Now I ride all of our horses, including some pretty big, dull Dutch horses, and have taken the spurs off. I am using the Endotapping in hand stick (6' long) now instead of the in hand whip for teaching piaffe and passage and the horses no longer kick out, but work in relaxation with better movement and more activity.

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