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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dom Diogo da Brangance Excerpt

"The limit of flexibility is attained when the horse will not go more forward in the requested gait. This is what is happening if the horse, chomping his bit to an excess while at the halt, departs at the canter when the trot or the walk has been requested. The rider can be sure that the mobility of the jaw has been brought to the point of exaggeration. Another example: If the trainer wants his mount to halt perfectly, but the horse engages and mobilizes his hindquarters, putting himself into what one could call “agitated stop;” we must conclude that the flexibility of the hindquarters has been pushed too far."

Excerpt from Equitation in the French Tradition by Dom Diogo da Brangance to be published in English by www.XenophonPress.com in Spring of 2011

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