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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ok, this Endotapping by J.P. Giacomini presented in his two volume DVD set, completely bargain priced at 64.95 really works. I have tested it on 6 completely different horses. The latest, our coming 6 year old had been completely soured to the whip of any kind. He would either kick out at the whip, or while undersaddle plant himself and stop moving. I started using the Endotapping stick along with the detailed instructions on the DVD set a week ago, he is now going forward undersaddle with light taps from my leg, stays in the arena, cheerfully canters, does all of the transitions up and down without hessitation and with delight. The Endotapping stick is not a whip, it creates endorphines and relaxes the horse then activates him. Simply unbelieveable. I am very skeptical of any technology but this method of relaxation has been around in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and has been proven to work on humans. Wouldn't you like to tap your horse with the 'stick' and have him relax and not tense from it? That's what I always wanted and now have. Then the horse learns to willingly and without resistance move forward, or sideways in complete accord with the rider's wishes. It takes skill and brains but so does good riding. Get the dvd's and see for yourself. available at http://easternshorecollection.com/J-P-Giacomini-Presents-Endotapping-2-DVDs-6018.htm

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