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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faverot de Kerbrech's 'Methodical Dressage of the Saddle Horse' is considered the 'Bible of Baucherism'. Together with it, in 'Dressage of the Outdoor Horse' General de Lagarenne gives us the teaching of Faverot de Kerbrech. Both excellently translated by Michael L. M. Fletcher. FREE DOMESTIC MEDIA MAIL SHIPPING

François Faverot de Kerbrech's (1837 – 1905) first riding master was his father, General Baron Faverot, student of Chevalier D’Abzac. At Saint Cyr, his teachers were students of the Count d’Aure. Faverot completed his studies by following François Baucher. Faverot became one of Baucher’s favorite students. A horseman of great repute, he remained the loyal successor to the work of François Baucher. The Master François Baucher brought numerous modifications to his first method of dressage. His best student, Faverot de Kerbrech gives us the definitive description and explanation of Baucher’s second manner in his work: Methodical Dressage of the Saddle Horse from the Last Teaching of Baucher, recalled by one of his students (1891). Published twenty years after the death of Baucher, this work is the result of a quest to bring French equitation out of its academic approach; enriched by the experience of Baucher’s most illustrious student. It is widely considered the best representation of Baucher's second method.

In Dressage of the Outdoor Horse, General de Lagarenne gives us the last teaching of Faverot de Kerbrech. This work consists of a simplified progression of the second manner of Baucher with regard to the preparation of a horse for outdoor riding.

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